We Encourage You To Consider These Tips In Preparation.


The photography will be approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.  Possibly more with larger homes and it’s rarely less. The time we are in your  home depends on many factors so here are some tips to expedite the photography and make  your property that much more marketable. If you have many things to move, consider moving them to a room that is out of the way and where items will be hidden from view when photographing other rooms in your home.  Once we finish photographing your home, the items can be removed from the “Catch All” room and then we can photograph the “Catch All” room.



  • We will need all lights ON! Overhead, lamps, under cabinet, accent lights-EVERYTHING! It’s all hands on deck for this. Also, replace burned out bulbs.
  • De-clutter as much as possible and remove as much from the floor and countertops as possible. Extra kitchen appliances, tooth brushes and other toiletries should be tucked away out of camera view. This applies to large furniture that blocks a view as well.
  • Religious items: In order to appeal to the widest variety of buyers we recommend removing all religious items from view of our cameras.  With this said, we completely respect a decision to not move these items and display them to potential buyers. 
  • Windows: Clean windows. Often overlooked but our cameras show everything so consider reviewing and if needed, cleaning your windows.
  • Office: Remove personal information, paperwork, notes, etc from view. Monitors off, please.
  • Refrigerator: Remove all items from the front, sides, and top of this appliance. Clean if required-especially stainless steel.
  • Sink: Remove dishes and any unnecessary items such as soaps, brushes, scrubbing pads, non-decorative soap dishes, etc. 
  • Pets: We love pets but often dogs and cats cause delays and can wander into the camera frame so it’s best to relocate them or crate them until we are finished.  For our photographers safety, please make arrangements off property for aggressive pets. 



  • Make sure the property is tidy.  Pick up large sticks, toys, and anything else that doesn’t belong. This is critical and will really make your property “Pop”.
  • Any vehicles should be in the garage or out of the driveway while we are there. Please park on the opposite side of the street or further down the road and out of view. Avoid parking directly in front of the house.
  • If it is trash day, we will work with you to keep the canisters out of the shots. If it is not trash day, please relocate your bins elsewhere so they are not in view of our cameras.
  • Cut the grass the day BEFORE your appointment.  
  • Pool: In season, please clean the pool and pool area.  Cleaning equipment stored away, deck chairs arranged perfectly.  Again, make it “Pop”. Deck umbrellas UP! Extra points for staging a nice place setting on a table, wine glasses with wine works for some properties as well.


Less is DEFINITELY MORE!  If you doubt it should be there, take it out. 

Thank you for your efforts as we feel these tips are a great way to begin the process of presenting your home to buyers.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

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